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Cofounded by siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, luxury design brand Scarlet Splendour boasts interior products which are both opulent and exuberant. Collaborating with several highly reputed international designers sharing similar sensibilities and unique vision, Scarlet Splendour offers an eclectic range of furniture, lighting and accessories that reflect a rich font of inspiration from all eras. Growing up immersed in a rich multi-cultural environment and being encouraged by their mother to study art and artisanry, Bajoria and Kanodia naturally sharpened their aesthetic eye through love for collecting beautiful objects, painting and decorating Ashish Bajoria began his career in business by successfully running his family engineering company. This experience would enable him to gain invaluable insight into business and strategy development, consequently contributing to the success of Scarlet Splendour. With a degree in Interior Design, Suman Kanodia has been working as an interior designer for more than two decades. Her design philosophy emphasizes a refined use of eclectic patterns, silhouettes and functionality. After individually developing a keen eye for the world of art, fashion and design, coupled with dynamic marketing abilities and sharp business acumen, the siblings joined forces bonded by a mutual unwavering passion for art and interior design. Drawing inspiration from their enriched backgrounds, Scarlet Splendour heralds a blend of cultures and transcends geographical borders to achieve the extraordinary in the world of design. The brand works closely with internationally acclaimed designers including Karim Rashid, Matteo Cibic, Richard Hutten and Nika Zupanc, Marcantonio and Elena Salmistraro. Since their debut at Milan Design Week in 2015, the Kolkata-based brand has become a global name with products sold from the USA and Europe through to the Middle East and Asia.
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