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Badari’s history started in Florence in 1956, when the founder Marcello Badari took up the business of repairing brass light fixtures. Shortly before the great economic boom affecting Italy after WWII, Badari realized times were changing and new work opportunities were arising. Thus, he started running a new business, specialized in artistic chandeliers production and reproduction. This soon gained plenty of clients, especially among the Americans, attracted by everything that was “Made in Italy.” November 6th, 1966: the great flood in Florence. Badari’s workshop, like the whole city of Florence, was submerged in mud, surrounding all the materials and giving very little hope to the company to resume the activity. Chandeliers’ crystals were now covered in a brown, antiqued patina. But it was this very characteristic that charmed an American entrepreneur, happened into Badari’s workshop, who eventually offered to buy every batch of production left after the flood. In 1983, their company changed its name from Badari Marcello to Badari Lighting. Led by the CEO Roberto Lari, it began to establish itself as a leading company in the classic style lighting production creating unmistakable elegant luxury chandeliers and lanterns. Come to the third generation with the a new CEO, Mr. Patrizio Lari, who broadened the production, creating and placing on the market lighting products as well as furnishings,seatings and luxury accessories enclosed in the classic elegant line: 1956. As part of a process of constant evolution in 2018 they broaden their range of products by presenting LIFE. Contemporary, with nature-inspired traits, LIFE is characterized by clean and sinuous lines, emphasizing the inner elegance of the handmade products.
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