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In 2017, Krista launched Hoffman Hardware after designing unique hardware pulls for her space in the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Within the first few days of Showcase opening its doors, she knew that the hardware was something special. It was the highlight of the room and the most inquired about item during Showcase. She launched the line in September 2017 with the original Perforated Brass Cuff. Krista’s career in interior design isn't her first. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a math education degree, she was a computer programmer for five years and a project manager for a smaller consulting firm for a few more after that. Then she fully switched gears—and decided to attend design school. Krista credits that math and tech foundation for the unique perspective she brings to design, using numbers, proportions, and scale first and foremost. She is always thinking about the engineering behind the designs—and asks herself how is this going to be made and what pieces are we going to need?
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