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Cecilia was born and raised in Sweden but has called a few different countries home, moving to Switzerland in 1988 and then onto Dubai in 2015 where her brand Carpets CC came to fruition. Cecilia has exhibited professionally since 1987 across the globe, including Europe, Asia and the US, as both a solo artist and a collective. It was a natural progression to start her own studio, and alongside four other women, she opened Bellvaux 5, Neuchâtel, an Art gallery focusing primarily on bold works of acrylic on canvas. Cecilia's initial work use gauche and oil and depicted personal and natural objects, with geometric undertones. However, over the years these geometric elements became the driving force behind her pieces, and oils were swapped for acrylics. Cecilia chooses now to create art which concentrates exclusively around bold geometric themes and which are always depicted using acrylic paints. In 2012, inspiration struck, and Cecilia made the bold move to explore how her geometric designs could be transferred and applied to handmade carpets. This idea was how Carpets CC came to be and now allows one and all to explore Cecilia's unique designs through a unique medium, whilst bringing fine art to a new space - floors! “My goal is to create something using different geometrical shapes, to reach balance and harmony in the picture. I like my work to say something, not always obvious, but connected to the title!”
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