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Aramis Justiz is a visual artist born in Havana, Cuba, focused mainly on sculpture, with exhibitions and works in public and private collections around the world, as well as monumental sculptures located in public spaces in nine countries. He has worked with designers and architects on both public and private client projects, and sells his works in major online galleries. His works reveal the movement of forms, balance and lightness, even in originally heavy-looking materials. In line with the artist's deep conviction of the need for harmony in our lives, each of his works transmits serenity and inner peace, both in the space they occupy and in those who contemplate them. In his younger years he studied veterinary medicine and worked at his hometown zoo. But his vocation for art made him abandon his work as a veterinarian very soon to dedicate himself completely to art, after studying sculpture and drawing at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, as well as engraving, jewelry and glass fusion among others, which it has made him an artist with a wide range of expressive possibilities. Aramis Justiz is a lover of the craft of creating, designing and making all his works personally in all their details, whether in wood, marble, stone, steel or resin, which gives them a totally unique, unrepeatable and exclusive character.
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