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Once upon a time: Lots of charming tales start with a tiny workshop that eventually turns into a revolutionary firm – but for Tondelli this is not simply a fairytale, it’s a true story. In 1954, Tondelli senior started working on bespoke pieces for those Italian families in pursuit of a fresh, exquisite look, all of their own. And that is how, from day one, Tondelli became widely known for using the most beautiful varieties of wood to create one-of-a-kind pieces. What’s in a name: A genuine enthusiasm for fine art; a lifelong fascination with natural materials; an inborn sense of style — that is what makes up Lorenzo Tondelli’s legacy and personality. The creative director of the firm brings ahead a restless quest for simplicity and balance started by his father, back in the 50s. Since Lorenzo took the helm of the house, his functional yet daring approach has been getting the best out of people and producing the most desirable objects. His influences come from constant travel to places where both the clients and the culture are a source of inspiration. His designs draw on customers’ demands, exotic hints, primitive shapes, and artisanal patterns that bring back his best memories. What they believe: They believe in sharing uniqueness, working with artisans, living both locally and internationally, and expressing passion through whatever they do, wherever they go. They are makers, creators, innovators and designers. Everything they realize is meant to be revalued and refined over and over, in a state of eternal youth. Only by embracing every step of this infinite process of discovery and experimentation, can they breathe life into uncompromising and everlasting works.
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