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Margauex de Penfentenyo looks at the world and when her eyes stop on someone, she wonders about their identity, their history, their movement. Her notebooks are covered with words and phrases, and although these thoughts seem scattered, they are inseparable crumbs form an increasingly dense collection. Born in France in 1990, she grew up in Paris. At the age of 18 (2008) she joined the Ateliers de Sèvres in Paris, a preparation course for the contests of major art schools. She had a year of great enjoyment, during which she was able to touch multiple techniques of expression. Her interest in the objects, their volume, their shape, their color, their texture, led her to designer training. She joined the École Camondo in Paris at the age of 19 (2009) to obtain a master's degree in design after 5 years of studies (2014). At the age of 24, she joined Sybille de Margerie Paris's firm dedicated to high-end hospitality design. She learned to pay attention to the smallest details. She continued her artistic activity in parallel with her work. In 2016, she moved to Mexico to realize the artistic concept of a restaurant: image, graphics, décor and furniture creation. She continues to design and manufacture art furniture and unique pieces. Lighting, stools, coffee tables, dining tables, all these objects are as much supports as they are personalities with whom she enters into conversation. She tells their story on their skin. She also makes landscapes talk. They are photographed then using their GPS coordinates she searches the geological maps that correspond to them. She then represents their story, like a biography or a portrait.
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