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Essential Home is an innovative mid-century modern furniture brand that takes important historical and cinematographic references from the 1930s and 1960s and turn them into unique furnishing pieces. What started out in 2015 as 'Essentials', a furniture collection by the mid-century lighting brand DelightFULL, quickly grew to be one of the most elegant representations of mid-century modern design, thus creating a new name and a new brand, Essential Home. Essential Home gathers inspiration not only from the glamorous Hollywood life of the 1940s, but also from the everyday life that defined that mid-century generation. Simple details such as the sleek lines of a futuristic 1960's chair or the retro ads that defined an era can be pinpointed in iconic pieces, such as Monocles sideboard. Essential Home's goal is to create the ultimate time traveling experience inside a single space. They want to take the strong reminiscent connotation of the 1930s and 1960s, and create the perfect blend between the past and the present by creating mid-century modern furniture pieces that include a contemporary twist. They combine the worlds of craftsmanship and design technology to keep on innovating and produce nothing but the highest quality furniture for you. The unique design of each of our pieces allows you to let your imagination run free and be creative with your projects. It is by harmoniously balancing the ideals of masculine and feminine, classic, and contemporary that Essential Home is able to create the finest solutions for intimate and cozy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. Using nothing other than the highest quality materials, Essential Home delivers the mid-century modern signature that makes it so irresistible.
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