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Cassigoli Editions is a brand of exclusive and highly elegant Home Accessories. Cassigoli products represent the perfect mix between luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity of processing and raw materials. Cassigoli Editions creations are the modern way of expressing the artistic sensibility which pervades Tuscany, a timeless synthesis of the results of a cultural process which draws its inspiration from millennia-long vestiges. Cassigoli Editions was founded with a view to creating handmade modern masterpieces keeping the flavor of tradition, exclusive products shaped by the expert hands of Tuscan craftsmen, for only in their area one is able to find workers trained in centuries of tradition and academies. Maximum sustainability of environment, process and people's work and life are one of their main targets of year-by-year implementation. One of their goals is custom made. Thanks to their strong know-how that comes from the fashion system, as suppliers of some of the top international luxury griffe, they are able to develop and produce any kind of home accessories in a top luxury way. All with no items limit.
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