Scott Alexander is a luxury fragrance house specialized in scented candles. Unlike any candlemaker, Scott Alexander approaches candle making as an art and elevates it with its stunning solid bronze vessels made exclusively by world-renowned SA Baxter Design Studio & Foundry, offering timeless candles that are created to function as a piece of art in any room or setting. Uniquely, these pieces of Art are both permanent and refillable. Designed to complement any room, these vessels enhance the atmosphere both visually and through a pleasant, but never dominant aroma. The subtle scents and soft glow from Scott Alexander’s candles instantly enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and luxury. Driven by a passion for scents, artisanship, and sustainability, Scott Alexander elaborates scents for the home with the best oils available, sourced ethically and blended to perfection. Each candle is specially handcrafted using a coconut wax blend, infused with one of a kind fragrance oils and tells a story while taking you on an olfactory journey.
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